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Implementing an Invu Document Management system doesn’t mean the end of your engagement with us. InvuCare Software Maintenance is an annual insurance that ensures your investment is protected. Invu products are regularly updated with feature enhancements and maintenance changes. This includes changes to ensure you keep track with the latest versions of Windows and Microsoft Office. Staying up-to-date means that you can optimise the benefit of your Invu product.

What’s more, InvuCare gives you peace of mind. What would the impact be on your organisation if you couldn’t gain access to your documents? Could you be operationally ready or even recover? With InvuCare you’ll have full support coverage and access to help from your Invu partner locally and backed up by Invu’s own support and professional services.

Extending your investment

Many Invu customers make an initial investment to solve one specific issue – for example storing and finding invoices. However, that may be as far as it goes. Invu products can be extended to work in a number of different ways, solving a range of day to day issues. Invu will be happy to review your system and establish how you can gain even greater benefits... Visit our 'Health Check' section and book in a review.

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We encourage members to provide suggestions and feedback for improvements and new features, event and webinar ideas, as well as sharing your businesses news - such as winning an award!

Not only will you get to know how other Invu users use the software but you will be able to discover how you can enhance your own investment with our add on modules.

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