As an Invu customer you'll soon find that Invu becomes an essential application for your business. As a key part of your operational processes and the secure store for your corporate knowledge where would you be without ready access to your documents.

Hardware failure, corruption or disaster could leave you without your Invu system.  If you’re behind the pace of updates then a simple operating system upgrade could switch off access to your documents.

That's a key reason why InvuCare software maintenance is critical. In addition to peace of mind, it’s a cost-effective way of ensuring that your investment is up to date and carries on working for you. Your investment is both financial and time – keep your Invu solution up to date with the latest changes to ensure that this isn’t lost. That way you’ll maximise staff use, optimise your return and reduce any lost productivity.

You’ll be working with your partner to ensure that Invu works with your operating systems, providing assurance that the software will always perform at its best during its lifecycle.

Technical Support

For customers dealing with Invu directly, you’ll be in close contact with the software authors. Our technical support team can support you remotely with detailed product assistance. They’ve come across any number of set ups and implementations and will deal with your queries quickly and thoroughly. Backed up by Invu’s professional services team and the software development team our support will be your lifebelt if ever you need help. 

If you’ve purchased your Invu solution via an Invu partner then you’ll get first hand technical support from your dedicated Invu partner. They’ll understand the set-up of your organisation and your Invu system.

Free Product Upgrades

InvuCare Software Maintenance enables you to keep your system current. As a customer you are automatically entitled to these upgrades, which also reflect the latest Microsoft Windows updates ensuring you’re always compatible with the latest operating platforms.

Product information and tips direct from our experts

InvuCare Software Maintenance customers receive our free magazine Insidevu. Featuring expert help direct from our technical trainers and professional support team, this magazine is a must for Invu users.


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