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Hundreds of businesses, firms, charities and organisations use Invu Document Management every day. Whether they’re streamlining their processes, automating invoice approval or ensuring that they meet their compliance obligations Invu helps them to run a tighter ship.

Watch or read how Invu has helped these companies to solve their business issues.

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Adactus Housing Group


Redmayne Bentley


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Mersey based Solicitors Maxwell Hodge turned to Invu Document Management to provide a robust backup solution for the 11,000 original Will documents stored in its vaults. The firm has since extended its use of document management to include all client identification and is exploiting Invu’s ease of use and rapid search functionality to provide instant access to information. 



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Welbeck Estates wanted to find a far more effective way of both managing and ­finding information. One of the key steps in this process was a decision to minimise reliance on paper based documentation. Find out how Invu helped them to achieve this goal.



Bath Spa University

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The University’s Payroll and HR teams were pushed to capacity, they had run out of space due to the bulky paper files used and urgently needed to reduce their document storage. Find out how Invu helped Bath Spa's document management problems.



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Client information was distributed across the organisation. Invoices would sit with the finance team, admin and correspondence with administration and compliance documents would be looked after by the compliance review staff. Find out how Invu helped Nedgroup gain a more holistic client view.





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