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Document destruction: How-to achieve the paperless office (08/12/2014)

Despite the fact that more documents are being shared electronically, the ‘paperless office’ has not materialised quite yet – but the journey is well underway. Even today, destroying the physical paper evidence feels unnatural and risky to some firms that are yet to embrace the digital method wholeheartedly.

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Admissibility and Retention: The Best Approach for Document Destruction (04/12/2014) 

Technology has shifted the reliance on physical paper documents towards more electronic transactions and documentation...

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Invu staff grow beards for prostate appeal (17/11/2014)

Invu has raised nearly £1,000 for The Prostate Project as part of the OctoBeardFest.
Ten staff at Invu, based in Blisworth, took part in the challenge.

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Womens Pioneer Housing Clears Out Its London Office (06/11/2014)

Not for profit housing association dusts off its processes and implements the Invu electronic document management solution.

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As old as the hills: How to transform ancient invoice processing (05/11/2014)

Supplier invoice processing, burdened by paper, is a slow dark and dreary topic.

The management of paper-based supplier invoice processing in business is getting harder and harder.

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Invu User Conference, #InvuLondon14 (04/11/2014)

We’ve just days to go until our annual London User Conference at The Brewery, Chiswell Street, London, on 06 November, 2014. After a very successful and well-received conference last year, we made the decision to invite more of our customers and prospects to come and share their experiences and see what new announcements we have to our solutions portfolio.

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Invoice with the Vampire: How to speed up invoice processing (31/10/2014)

Invoice Processing is an old topic – some say it’s unknown exactly how old as the tales of dealing with paper invoices stretch back to times of legend. But how do you become an invoice processing vampire?

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SMEs And The Importance Of Document Management (16/10/2014)

Small and mid-sized enterprise businesses don’t employ an IT ‘policeman’ – i.e. someone who has the responsibility to ensure the use of IT is standardised across the business, however using an electronic Document Management (eDM) solution can help to implement a controlled filing methodology to limit or prevent information chaos.

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Women's Pioneer Housing office clearance with Invu (16/10/2014) 

A year on, Women's Pioneer report on how it's automated its finance function and digitised its invoices and tenancy records at the same time as creating valuable space in it central London offices.

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Going Paperless In The Electronic Age? (15/10/2014) 

Stuart Evans CTO at Invu and Colin Miller from ABBYY joined Jon Hansen to talk about the inevitability of paper and the importance of incorporating as opposed to eliminating it from the business landscape.

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Procurement - don't be the "Ken" of your organisation (30/09/2014)

But how do you implement that kind of process and cultural change in an organisation? Well, the guys at Invu (partners of ABBYY) seemed to have it down to a tee.

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Efficiency Drive (01/09/2014)

Port of Leith Housing Association ,which has been at the heart of redevelopment in the Leith area of Edinburgh, is using Invu' s Document Management software to rehouse over 50,000 documents affiliated to its 2,650 properties. HABM finds out how IT solutions can help improve the efficiency of a multitude of housing association activities, including their repairs and maintenance operations. 

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Document Manager Awards Finalist 2014 (15/08/2014)

We're pleased to announce that Invu has been shortlisted for the Document Manager Awards 2014 in the following categories:

  • Company of the Year
  • Enterprise CMS Product of the Year - Invu Series 6
  • Product of the Year - Invu Series 6
  • Service/Support Company of the Year
  • Software Product of the Year - Invu Series 6
  • Workflow/BPM Product of the Year - Invu Series 6

Voting is now open, please click here to cast your vote for Invu!



7 Reasons To Move To A Document Management Web Portal (16/07/2014) 

As the economy improves, organisations are no longer focusing exclusively on cost – quality of service and the end to end experience are becoming increasingly essential to attain and retain customers. For any organisation that routinely shares information with customers, from quotes to valuation statements, reliance on slow, expensive print/post or anarchic, unmanaged email communication is no longer good enough.

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EDM at Port of Leith with Invu (01/05/2014)

Port of Leith Housing Association is mid-way through a project with Invu to digitise more than 50,000 documents, replacing its previous manual process of filing and storing all paper-based documents.

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How to implement email integration into a Document Management system (24/04/2014)

It is widely acknowledged that email is one of the greatest business tools ever invented- but is it really? The ability to send a message to an individual anywhere in the world at a click of a button was a revelation- and it turned business communication on its head.

However, in today's connected business environment, people are struggling to cope with the amount of mail they receive on a daily basis.

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Invu Version 6.8 (08/04/2014)

We are pleased to announce the release of Invu Document Management version 6.8.

Customers who are currently on Invu Series 6 and have an active support agreement will be able to upgrade to the latest version FREE* of charge.

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