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Opinion Article: Back To Basics

This paper looks in detail at what effective invoice processing truly entails, it is time to wake up to the fact that effective accounts processing is about far more than scanning paper based invoices. Here we explore new technologies that are using data capture to automatically extract information from digital invoices, automate the manual entry process and streamline the invoice approval process.



Opinion Article: Making the Case against Litigation

The need to reduce business risk has taken centre stage over the past few years. From financial losses to damaged reputation and corporate failure, there is a growing awareness that unforeseen market forces represent an escalating threat to business.


Whitepaper - Wealth Management: The Case for EDM  

Whitepaper: Wealth Management – the case for eDM 

This paper looks at the compliance risks and operational pressures faced by the finance sector. Anti-Money Laundering, KYC, Suitability, FATCA etc mean that brokers, wealth managers and IFAs are exposed to a range of potentially threatening issues. With massive consequences for failure there’s increasing operational effort and expense needed to keep on top. Find out what role document solutions can play in mitigating the risks and reducing the day-to-day compliance impact.


Whitepaper - The Importance of Customer Service to Your Organisation's Future  

Whitepaper: The Importance of Customer Service to Your Organisation's Future 

This paper examines the impact and value of customer service in commercial and public facing environments. With direct correlations between the quality of your interaction with customers, clients and suppliers and your future success this is a critical topic. We also explore what role document management and its related services can play in making a major difference.


Whitepaper - The Problem with Email  

Whitepaper: The Problem with Email

Email pervades the way we work and volumes rise year by year. Important messages and attachments enter the organisation but how are they preserved? Technology pressures may also lead to behaviours which go against its long term interests. The explosion in email volumes has potentially serious operational and legal implications. This paper investigates the practical impact of email overload, retention, ownership and discovery. It explores options to reduce business risk and improve operational efficiency and highlights how email management can potentially provide an efficient and workable solution.


Whitepaper - Assessing Document Management Solutions for Housing Associations  

Whitepaper: Assessing Document Management Solutions for Housing Associations 

This paper explores some of the ways in which a new generation of Document Management solutions can be more fully exploited by the Social Housing sector. With mature technologies like document and content management it is all too easy to think about them as passive repositories - fantastic for ensuring that you have everything you need at your fingertips and allowing you great improvements in efficiency and service levels. However, can this technology be optimised to deliver even more value – we believe so and this paper sets out to explore the options. Whether you’re an existing EDM customer or looking to start your journey then this paper will aid your thinking and enable you to make the most from your investment.


Whitepaper - Printing can seriously harm your business’ health  

Whitepaper: Printing can seriously harm your business’ health 

This paper looks at something so many organisations take for granted – the need to print. As more output is electronic and email the business communication medium du jour it seems odd that our addiction to print isn’t challenged more often and robustly. Part of this may be due to the fact that the addiction is fed by a print and copy industry which tells us we can do the same and more for less. But is this a self-serving message? Here we take an alternative view and examine why you should begin slashing your print costs.


Whitepaper - Purchase to Payment Automation – Overcoming paper in an efficient electronic world  

Whitepaper: Purchase to Payment Automation – Overcoming paper in an efficient electronic world 

Like most organisations you have an accounting or ERP system and you may believe that you have a computerised business. However, have you automated the whole finance process? You’re probably not alone in having the “core” ledgers and books without addressing pockets of manual process, especially in relation to your suppliers.  

“Purchase to pay” is one key area which is more often than not left incomplete and largely manual; consequently the interaction with a business’ suppliers may not be in great shape. Failure to manage this properly results in cash flow problems and at worst money spent that cannot be recovered.

Automating the purchase to payment flow may reap disproportionate rewards. More often than not this hinges around minimising the volumes of paper documents and streamlining how they are handled during the flow. Pragmatic solutions may mean the difference between success and failure. This whitepaper provides guidance on negating the impact of paper and utilising the content in an otherwise electronic world.


Whitepaper - The do’s and don’ts of planning your eDM project  

Whitepaper: The do’s and don’ts of planning your eDM project 

This paper covers the implementation of a new Document Management (eDM) or Content Management (ECM) system. It provides a series of checks and actions relating to three key stages:

  • Stage 1 – the pre-sales stage
  • Stage 2 - concentrates on the period between the purchase decision and your solution becoming operational.
  • Stage 3 – covers the easily neglected area of post-deployment activity.
  • Checklist - Acts as a simple checklist to aid preparation at any phase of the project.


Whitepaper - Improving your recovery rates  

Whitepaper: Improving your recovery rates 

Practices face a veritable avalanche of documents and information: correspondence, emails, reports, spreadsheets and official forms often in conjunction with weighty individual client files. Compounding the administrative burden is the importance of this information, reinforced by heavy regulatory obligations and scrutiny. Against this background, the case for document and content management is an obvious fit. But what issues will it solve or new opportunities be opened up by adoption of this technology? This white paper explores these whilst also taking a look at how to avoid any pitfalls which might negatively impact your chargeability if you decide that document management is right for your practice.


Whitepaper - Food for Thought – An SME guide  

Whitepaper: Food for Thought – An SME guide 

This document aims to give you an overview of the key selection criteria you’ll need to consider when you decide to bring a document management or content management system into your organisation. Setting out the main considerations you may also choose to score their relevance when making your choices to aid your selection process.


Whitepaper - Confused about SharePoint?  

Whitepaper: Confused about SharePoint? 

It’s a pity isn’t it? A great technology like SharePoint comes along and the biggest effect it has is one of utter confusion. We all know that many businesses “use” SharePoint even now, but so few of them can actually say how or, worse, why they use it. In this paper we’ll concentrate on WSS since this is what most SMEs, departments and mid market organizations will be implementing. The reasons for the confusion are two-fold. Let’s see if we can make the picture clearer.


Whitepaper - Electronic Document Admissibility & Retention  

Whitepaper: Electronic Document Admissibility & Retention 

If you’re considering a document management solution but are concerned what documents you should retain and what you can dispose of once stored securely in your repository, this whitepaper is worth a read. Providing guidance on which key documents will need to be retained and best practice the whitepaper also contains updates on The Civil Evidence Act 1995 and BS 10008:2008 best practice.


Whitepaper - Going Green: Does eDM work for the environmentally conscious?  

Whitepaper: Going Green – Does eDM work for the environmentally conscious? 

UK business face an increasing volume of “good to be green” messages, many with related incentives or penalties.Such sobering statistics paint a bleak picture, backed up by a large hinterland of further evidence. However, assuaging green guilt can have very real business benefits. This document sets out to highlight how eDM/ECM applications sit in this context and whether eDM works for the environmentally conscious.




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