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Because documents and information are at the heart of so much of what we all do our solutions are used across thousands of organisations to solve a range of everyday problems.

Invu offers two core solutions; Accounts Payable and Document Management.


Find out how our solutions can help you.



Using data capture technology our Accounts Payable solution will automatically pull information from invoices to drive an electronic and automated process. By creating a seamless end-to-end invoice process businesses have the ability to handle invoice growth without adding to the finance team.


Our Document Management solution enables organisations the ability to fulfil a wide range of business problems. Do you need more office space? Desperate to find information quickly and accurately? Wanting to make big improvements to your customer and supplier service? Or do you have a major compliance obligation or a risk issue around your information? Invu Document Management can help.



Invu is simple and logical to use – especially the metadata search facility which finds documents quickly. I don’t have to plough through paper files or remember which drive they are on. Bulk emailing documents out of Invu is easy and I keep track of documents I am working on in one place (my Invu Intray) - where others can get to them easily if they need to.

Al Brooks, Waddesdon Manor



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